Not Quite Eden – Dominique Kyle

Sixteen year old Eve isn’t one to take anything lying down (males please note…). So when she has to step in to save the life of her childhood rival, Adam Quinn, she only does it because she’s reserving the right to kill him herself!

Next door neighbours, Adam Quinn and Eve McGinty, have been bitter enemies for as long as they can remember. When they both apply for the same job as a trainee car mechanic only one of them can get it, and Eve is finding it hard to convince the misogynistic men who work there of her suitability for the role.

Then Eve’s younger brother, Jamie, is invited to join the rock band that the irrepressibly flamboyant Quinn and his friends have formed. But unfortunately the members of the band have made some dubious decisions in their eagerness to get a recording deal. When things turn nasty with the local psychopathic night club bouncers and drug dealers, Eve feels she has no option but to step in to prevent her brother being dragged down with the rest of the boys.

As the consequences spiral out of control, Eve is forced to spend a lot more time with Quinn than she ever really wanted to.