O’ for the Love of Shakespeare – Brooke St Pier

Jane Thomas has lost her way in life, by her own admission she is not glamorous, wealthy or desirable. Apart from her best friend Victoria and an unmentionable crush she is, not alone, but lonely. Jane has ceased to be the heroine of her own play, instead the Shakespeare characters that she fell in love with at University fill her life with every possible colour and emotion. They are as real to her as any person, in fact to Jane they are better than any reality could ever be.

On the cusp of her thirty fifth birthday, Jane heads off on her dream holiday to Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare. It is here that Jane meets Ryan, the charming, attractive Shakespearean actor of her fantasies. Has Jane finally found her real life Romeo? Hopefully without the couples’ concluding suicide of course.

In the not so fair Verona, Bed, Breakfast and Balcony, is where we lay our scene…