Of the Lemon of the North – Chris Leite

Jack Lemon is a schizophrenic with zero empathy and a twisted sense of humor. The sociopath experiences guilt and accountability for the first time after he accidently kills the only woman he’s ever loved. Jack plummets deeper into the abyss of insanity, and copes with his grief in the only logical way: by blaming and killing anyone who catches his fancy.

Clementine is a sweet teenage girl that’s being held captive by a deranged man (not Jack), who believes that the key to Clementine’s heart is to chain, threaten, and woo her in his cavernous basement. Clementine suffers from Stockholm syndrome and she finds her imprisonment romantic in a masochistic way. She also finds her captor’s devotion and chilling authority to be sexy. Both Jack and Clementine must separately fight their self-inflicted torment, and embrace that there’s no escaping who they really are.

When life gives you lemons, kill somebody.