On the Edge of the Loch – Joseph Éamon Cummins

A man arrives in a tiny seafaring village in Ireland. His search is for a life, his own. He finds a radiant but mysterious woman who is distrusted locally, and is drawn into a web so profound that the lives of four impassioned people will be forever changed.

This critically-acclaimed novel is about people chasing incompatible dreams. They fight to connect, stay sane, and defy fate, for the chance to love.

The reader is never permitted to see ahead, only to indulge the drama as it happens, making it impossible to predict the thrilling outcome.

Praised as ‘brilliantly bright’, by critics, this is a literary voyage into those desires that make us courageous, vulnerable, and dangerous.

Jack Engelhard (author of Indecent Proposal) said: ‘One exquisite insight after another, each chapter a literary or visceral delight. I could not wait for nor predict the sublime outcome. Epic.’