Outcast: Keepers of the Stone Book One (An Historical Epic Fantasy Adventure) – Andrew Anzur Clement

A trained killer. A demonic Order. A jewel that could change the course of history.

Malka and Stas have found have already found themselves unwilling allies once, protecting a fantastical stone from the designs of the Urumi’s demonic Order. Little did they know that was only the beginning….

The last in a Sect of fanatical thieves, Malka has sacrificed everything to protect the object she carries. Having become its unwitting guardian, she is forced to flee British India for the American West. Her immediate goal? Keep the dark Order off her trail and avoid being taken into the ranks of its enslaved members. But – even with her supernatural powers and the aid of a mysterious shapeshifter – doing so will prove tougher than she could’ve possibly imagined.

Stas is about to go on a journey of his own. The adventurous son of a refugee learns he is being sent home to a continent he has never visited. Stas dreads the move, but begins adapting to his new, seemingly mundane, environment. Unknown to him, the Urumi have their own plans for Stas and his best friend, Nell. He is about to embark on his most dangerous adventure yet….

Trapped in unfamiliar parts the globe and thrust into a fantasy world they do not understand, Stas and Malka struggle to find allies. Battle the Urumi. And uncover their path to the stone’s cataclysmic final purpose.

Whether they know it or not, their most epic quest has just begun….

The Keepers of the Stone fantasy trilogy is a soul-searching, action-packed adventure that will keep you guessing from its middle-of-the-action opening, right up until the end. An epic fantasy adventure of expansive proportions that tests the limits of our potential.