Outcry – Jennifer Michiels

Legends are myths, fables, stories passed down for years and years, from one generation to the next. They are not real, they do not walk and talk, and they certainly do not stalk an ordinary twenty-five year old like Rayne Slade.

…or so she thought.

Given an experimental drug as a child fighting cancer, no one, including Rayne herself, could have ever imagined the effects it would have on her adult life or how it might lead to the destruction of civilization. With no family left to help her through the day to day affairs of adulthood, a series of break ins and a mysterious note sends her across the country with Camden Dallas, a beautiful stranger sent by her presumably dead grandfather, and on the path to uncover the mysteries of her past, all while trying to keep her heart from being stolen by the cryptic newcomer.

All the struggling waitress wants is to return to some semblance of a normal life, but when an ancient force rears its ugly head and tries to use her to take over the world, Rayne and her new, pale companions have no choice but to fight back in order to save the human race.