Patients I Will Never Forget – Sally Willard Burbank, MD

In her 25-years as a Christian primary care internist, Dr. Burbank has seen everything–lunatics, criminals, hypochondriacs, and even Cocker spaniels! By popular demand, she has penned a collection of humorous and inspiring true stories to forever capture these memorable encounters.The antics of a demented octogenarian and a dimwitted patient named “Bob” will leave you laughing out loud. Dr. Burbank’s disastrous attempts to combine medicine with motherhood will reveal a new side to ladies in lab coats. Stir in a wheelchair-bound, blind patient who insists on serving others until her dying breath, a comatose leukemia patient miraculously healed, and an unfortunate soul doomed to chopping onions eight hours a day and you are guaranteed to laugh, cry, and tell your friends about this amazing book. Each story is illustrated with medical cartoons and famous quotes.