Pause. Breathe. Shift. – Dash Trembley

This book was specially written to uplift, inspire and share useful simple methods and techniques that worked seamlessly. You can apply them to different aspects of your daily life in all the small ways that you can come to enjoy and fall in love with the process and become a selective sifter of your own thoughts.

It will lead you one step closer to living the life that is free of emotional struggle towards your health, relationships, food and everything that matters to you when you learn to make the shift in your perspective towards negative circumstances, old habits and beliefs.

Based on the Author’s real life experiences and deep love nurtured for diversity, growth, and development, you can have a little fun and humor along with her on a journey of focus, fun, and freedom to provide you with a gentle ‘push’ to restart the engine of your mind and life today.

A bonus compilation of inspirational quotes included in between each chapter to serve as a daily positive reminder and affirmation to create a life that serves you well and stretches your own mind to its fullest potential.

“Learning to let go selectively is one of the most important lessons no one has ever taught us in school growing up, after over two decades of education to learn and take in and absorb as much as we possibly can to master our craft.

We will come to a point in life, where we’ll need to start peeling off those layers and unlearn, undo and release, sift and sort through what we have picked up along our physical trail.

It is going to become your most valuable asset and life skill that will set you free and apart from the rest when you become a master of your own mind, your very own authentic self.

When you take control of the mind, nothing else outside of it that contradicts your frequency can ever come close and touch you or be a part of your life experience.

So always choose your thoughts very carefully, very wisely and the right kind of people and opportunities will gravitate towards you.”