Photographs How to Keep the Details and Story With Any Photo – D. Kalten

Have you ever looked at an old photograph and wondered who the person or people are that are shown in the photo? Have you wondered when it was taken, where was it taken at or what was going on that day for the photo being taken?

Have you ever studied it and wondered ‘who took that photograph’ as everyone you can account for seems to be in the photograph? Have you ever viewed photographs on a genealogy website and there may be say twenty photographs of people by the same name with nothing to identify any of them? Have you ever said with any old photograph you may have or seen, “Why didn’t they at least put a name with this?”

As you slowly manage to actually answer questions about an old photograph, why not document the answers in a non-losable form for future generations in your family? It is nice to have the information with the photograph so when it is passed down thru the ages or shared with other family members, there is no question concerning the details.

If nothing else, why not put a name and maybe an approximate photograph year with it? Another thought is to also add at least the birth and death years if you know them. You can add all types of information if you choose to do so.

Have you thought of using a program that organizes information for photographs or organizes the photos alone? What would happen if that program no longer works with the changes that are sure to happen with the way computers read information and operate as years go by?

These pages will tell you how to add various details to a photograph, but not actually ‘on’ the original photograph, so they won’t get lost or deleted from the photo. You will also find out how you can print those details, if you want to, as part of a digital scan (part of the newly formed photograph) or separately if you would like to. You will be able to print out ‘the details’ only, if wanted to keep a copy with your actual original photograph.

This book does include photograph samples to guide and give you ideas.