Pilgrim of the Storm – Russ Linton

Born the sole bugman in an isolated human temple, Sidge’s many lenses have left little unobserved. Only when he embarks on his first pilgrimage does he begin to see the world as it truly is. Dark omens which threaten to change the seat of power in his beloved temple accompany his first trip outside the Stormblade Sheath. The most likely successor, Gohala, sees Sidge’s presence in the human temple as an abomination. As Sidge wrestles with otherworldly encounters, a society unwilling to accept him, and growing feelings for a streetwise woman named Kaaliya, he closes in on his goal of ascension to Cloud Born. But will he learn to channel Vasheru’s Fire and prove his worth or will his heretical, drug addled mentor drag them both down the wrong path?