Practical 30 Day Paleo Program For Weight Loss – Elizabeth Vine

The Practical 30 Day Paleo Program was specifically created to make it simple, easy and delicious for YOUR success.

Practical 30 Day Paleo Program ( weight loss guide) It includes:

Weekly Shopping Lists

Weekly Meal Plans

100% Paleo Healthy Approved Recipes

Step-by-step easy to follow recipe instructions

Variety in Foods to keep your body satisfied & your taste buds craving more

What is the Paleo Diet about?
Taking care of the thinking and planning for 30 Days, just follow the Paleo Challenge along, flipping the page for the next meal. Trust us, when you’ve completed the 30 Days, you won’t want to go back.

Learn how to be Healthy, how to Burn Body Fat and how to take control of Your Life.