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1-Week Advertising Campaign

To increase awareness of a product an ad campaign needs to reach effective frequency during the purchase cycle. For avid readers like ours, the purchase cycle is a week or two, but what’s effective frequency? There’s some debate, but the consensus is a minimum of seven exposures.

We’ve been tracking the path readers take on our site, and tested various ad placements. From these tests, we found the most effective spots to show your book to our audience. 7 positions, a different one each day. Your ad moves around our pages to prevent ad blindness and give your book the widest possible exposure. But your ad doesn’t just move – it also changes, to take advantage of the page. For examples, click the links below:

1. Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook; Front, top
2. Posts, right (Example)
3. Special Offers, right (video option)
4. Posts, footer (Example)
5. Categories, right (Example: Romance)
6. Trending, right (video option)
7. Front Page, left
Bonus: My List, left

Other Benefits:

  • Set up a Sale and add a price sticker to your page
  • Your book will be added to our AI System (Tooby the Book-Bot), for display in “You May Also Like,” “Keyword,” and various other features.
  • Multiple impressions to a high-quality audience.
  • Your cover and description will be included in our newsletter.
  • Your book page can include YouTube video and links to Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo.
  • You’re eligible for the Trending displays.

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