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  • Day 1: Front page, Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter
  • Day 2-10: Front Page
  • Day 11-18: Trending sidebar
  • Day 19-26: All book pages sidebars
  • Day 27-34: Special Offers sidebar
  • Variable dates:
    • Category page sidebars
    • Retweets
    • Trending
  • Unlimited:
    • Recommendation Engine
    • Special Offers

Advertising studies show that a reader needs to see your book SEVEN times before they click. That’s the average, so some need more, some less. But those studies are from the 1960s – we suspect the internet has driven that number upward. We display your book on our most popular pages for over one month, and add several variable dates afterward. To prevent “ad blindness” we move your ad every day. But it doesn’t just move, it changes format to take advantage of the page.

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