Psychic Seeks – Amie Gibbons

A faked suicide, a summoned demon and a seriously sassafras flying carpet… dating sure ain’t easy for a young psychic these days.

Psychic FBI agent Ariana Ryder gets called out of a date to investigate a hanging, but it’s a clear case of suicide. Try tellin’ that to her boss Grant though. When Grant turns out to be right, and there’s more going on, he and Ariana rush to find the culprits.

But with the paranormal, nothin’ is what it seems, and a psychic girl’s got to watch her back because there’s a demon out there looking for a mate… and Ariana fits his profile.

She’s spunky, smart and way too young for her job, not that that stops a girl ready to learn. So grab a cup and cozy up to silly psychic Ariana Ryder.