Rainbow’s Edge – Angelo and Leland Dirks

It’s 1958. Gas is 25 cents a gallon. The USA has just launched its first satellite into orbit. Elvis Presley has been inducted into the US Army. And a little boy named Buddy has just been born into a black and white world. Twenty-four years later, that boy, now a young man, is left in a coma by a car accident. When his father—a devout Nebraska farmer—visits Buddy in the hospital, he discovers they are able to communicate telepathically. Through a week of mental conversations and time travel, they revisit the events and secrets of two decades that made them strangers to each other. A dog with two names shepherds them through the path of betrayal, abuse, and—eventually—reconciliation. Told with devastating simplicity and magic, this small novel will change the way you look at rainbows forever.