Rebirths: A Tale of Azuran – Frank B Luke

He played the flute while his wife lay dying so she could hear her favorite hymn one last time.

Derke, a blessed man and a prophet, loses his wife, his family, and his faith in a single day of disasters. Enraged at the Father, he embraced the tool of their oldest enemy–black magic. Derke decided to bring his family back from the dead.

But there’s more to being a necromancer than just making skeletons walk again. Derke can’t just go by rote; he has to give himself to the magic to regain his family. If he does, though, how much of himself will he lose?

In a world where God’s children thrive but so do dark forces of magic and evil, this promises to be a binding tale for any who have ever had to face troubles of their own making. Derke’s painful journey takes him through the darkness of death into the brightness of Rebirths!