Return: (Egyptian Moon Series Book 1) – Max W. Miller

Megan Smart, a pampered, reserve, freshman, takes a pre-college trip to New York City with her parents and star quarterback boyfriend, Tyler. Never could she have imaged she’d come back haunted by memories from another time.

On a private tour, Meg, as she is called, is warned by the curator not to touch pieces of uncategorized artifacts. But something beckoned her as if a telepathic message reaches out from another time. That night in her hotel suite, Meg witnesses an Egyptian scene that fueled her with heated sexual desires.

When she leaves for college, the same one that Tyler attends, she meets a mysterious guy she is drawn to and acts out with him in a way that puts her relationship with Tyler short of a First Down.

Finally, at the point of exhaustion and on the verge of losing her mind, Meg goes home to meet an astrologist and hypnotist her mother has been studying under. The man spells out the crust of her problem—reincarnation or something worse.

Connect to this New Adult Paranormal Series and follow Megan’s journey as she fights to hold on to her soul.