Rise of The Embodied, Part 2 of the Quantum Mechanic series – Jason Faris

The Embodied

They’re not machines, cyborgs, demons, or monsters… and yet they are all of those things and more. Spawned from a horrifying program of gruesome human experimentation, they walk the earth as living nightmares. For decades they served their masters by secretly manipulating world events, eliminating enemies, terrorizing humanity, and toppling nations. But then they found themselves facing the power of the Quantum Man… and the terrifying fury of his cybernetic daughter.

Broken, humiliated, and suffering the loss of a leader they once thought of as a God, The Embodied disappeared. But now they’ve slaughtered their former masters, moved beyond the limits of biotechnology, and set their sights on vengeance. Soon they will transcend to a state where their construction, and their rage… will be beyond human comprehension. All living tissues will obey their commands, and they will unleash upon the earth a terrifying army of twisted abominations formed from the flesh of their victims.

But the Quantum Man still stands in their way, and he is no longer the broken soul that they once knew. More powerful than ever before, he will not allow these monsters go on murdering the innocent. So with the help of his friends from Valley Falls, a squadron of elite soldiers, and a daughter reborn as a living cybernetic weapons platform, the former mechanic intends to put a final stop to The Embodied. For the sake of every soul on earth, he will stand fast.

When The Embodied come, what will you do?