Schrödinger’s Dog – Allan Brewer

“Well written, great characters, terrific story, it all seems so plausible, sort of, maybe.” – Amazon review
“A love affair between two of the protagonists leaves one of them in distress, and I found myself really feeling his tears at his loss. That means that the writing was first class.” – Amazon review

A convoluted, but down-to-earth sci-fi story set in the fringes of the present-day UK GCHQ.

A spell at GCHQ sounded like a refreshing change for academic historian George. But his life is thrown upside down when he gets put in a team with a gifted physicist, Alex, and multi-talented prankster mathematician, Betty, who have covertly broken through the accepted rules of physics to produce an extraordinary novel technology. As the full powers of their device become apparent, they conspire to conceal the truth from their paymasters whilst pushing the boundaries of its science relentlessly, until overtaken by a perfect storm of bad luck that has catastrophic consequences. Romance, action, despair and guilt clash as they desperately struggle to put things right.

A great read for those who enjoy exploration of concepts such as time, entanglement, multiverse theory, reality and actuality; it also weaves in credible personal stories.