Secrets of Smart Parents Raising Their Smarter Kids – Kavitha Sriram

Watching children grow is a wonderful feeling .We find few children smart, intelligent, disciplined and few mischievous, ill mannered, with behavioral problems too. As a parent we all want our children to have better, positive qualities in them? Then why is the difference in attitudes of kids? Why are few kids smarter than others? What smart parents do in raising their smarter children? What is their secret? The search led to revelation of many secrets. The parent in me wanted to share those few, joyful, valuable secrets with you to improve the parenting ways. Hope you enjoy reading the secrets. The secrets are just around you, waiting for you to be recognized and revealed.

Which type of parenting would be better now? There are so many doubts. This book is written as an answer to this search. It is not the experience of few people but thousands of parents, teachers, counsellors their experiences, and their own little secrets.

This book would be a guide with practical day to day tips to help you and your child grow better.

The Hidden Secrets in this Book:
• Gives you easy techniques in developing your child’s learning, creative and social abilities.
• Practiced and proven tips which will definitely work with your kids.
• If you are interested in learning different techniques to develop your child in all areas this book is a must buy for you.
• Answers most of the questions you had in your mind regarding parenting.
• Useful tactics for children raised by all types of parents including single parents, couples, young parents.
• Simple language to help all the parents with different backgrounds.
• Realize and rectify the minor mistakes we do unknowingly in the parenting ways.