Shadows of Knight: Book 1 in Dark Shadows Trilogy – M E Whiter

When Australian artist, Rachel Day, receives a free all expenses paid trip to Vancouver, British Columbia by a mysterious benefactor, it soon turns out to be anything but free, when someone pushes her in front of CEO millionaire Sebastian’s Knight’s car.

Once Rachel tells the police that she was deliberately pushed in front of Sebastian’s car, her case becomes the subject of an ongoing police investigation.

While staying as a guest in Sebastian’s penthouse, during her convalescence, she receives a mysterious note, threatening her safety. Sebastian flies her to his lake house for a couple of days, to keep her safe, until the threat can be investigated.

In the beautiful setting by the lake in Kelowna, their relationship quickly turns into a hot passionate romance. Rachel is surprised to find herself, falling for the highly intimidating and sensually charismatic Mr Knight.

Unfortunately, not all goes well in cupid’s paradise. When Sebastian’s overbearing obsession with her safety, threatens her newfound independence, she realises what a terrible mistake she’s made, in allowing herself to fall for his charms.

But, will running from the secret shadowing both their pasts, prove to be her ultimate mistake?