Shohala Falls – Elaine Pierson

It has long been believed that creatures of the night and those with magical abilities were nothing more than stories to tell young children, some to soothe and some to frighten. That couldn’t be further from the truth.
A centuries old war brews between the Lenoi fairies and their worst enemy, the vampires. The ruler of Shohala Falls, Queen Izola, has been fighting a lifelong battle against Drycus – the vampire king, to keep him trapped there and away from the human world. And until now, she has been winning the fight…but that’s about to change.

When Drycus kidnaps Izola’s daughter, Princess Celeste, the fate of the fairies will forever be changed. The war between the two species will be elevated to a whole new level. A kingdom will fall. A new life unlike any other will be born. And the world of Shohala Falls will never be the same. The safety of the human world will no longer be the top priority in this fight for survival.