Simon Says, Perdition Games – L.E. Fraser

Joining a cult is easy, getting out alive is another story.

Two years after the disappearance of sixteen-year-old Amanda Reid, the family’s wealthy matriarch hires Toronto PI Samantha McNamara to find her daughter. Sam hopes that the case will distract her from her sister’s recent murder, but she quickly realizes that things are not as they appear in the secretive Reid family. Someone will do anything to keep her from finding Amanda and exposing the truth.

When her investigation leads to a cult that recruits adolescent girls, she and OPP Inspector Reece Hash must find a way to unravel the family’s sinister tapestry and outsmart a psychopath. As the storm of the century shuts down emergency services, Sam puts her life on the line to protect the only innocent player in a deadly game.

The betrayal, blame, and lies that twist through this dark thriller will keep readers on the edge of their seats.