Siren’s Wave – J.A. Hazel

A Rock and Roll Love Story.

Dark forests, rogue waves, and pinned, brittle dragonflies. Someone’s having nightmares. But who?

Sizzling-hot New York rocker, Bran, is sure of just two things in life. You can’t rely on anyone. And love isn’t real. With music and a wild surf to subdue his demons, he can cope with anything.

Except maybe Ava.

The feisty girl, who works for his Australian record company, is a total pain in the butt. There’s no way she could be the key to overcoming the traumatic past he keeps well-hidden. Or is there?

An opposites attract tale of a sexy muso and a reluctant girl. Perfect for those seeking drama and slow burn sexual tension that sparks into a wildfire. Both need to choose. Will they face their fears and stoke the flames or turn to smoking ash? Written by a survivor of the Australian music industry.