Something Is Rotten In Fettig – Jere Krakoff

In this satirical novel, a kosher butcher with a pathological aversion to conflict does something that unwittingly propels him into a conflict with every branch of government. When he fails to undo what he has done, he is indicted by a Secret Blind Jury for crimes against the Republic, arrested by the National Constabulary, and consigned to the notorious Purgatory House of Detention to await trial. Later, the angst-ridden butcher is prosecuted by an ethically-challenged Prosecutor General, tried before a habitually pro-prosecution Judge, and defended by a reclusive lawyer who has never been inside a courtroom. The butcher’s only witness is an emotionally unhinged former art expert who resides in the Warehouse for the Purportedly Insane. Nobody, including the meat merchant, expects an acquittal.