Sophomore Freak – Brian Thompson


The school year ending with Reject High’s destruction was enough for Jason Champion. Summer break meant lots of time to split between his girlfriend Sasha and best friend Rhapsody. That is until predictions of a solar storm arrive, one unlike the earth has ever seen.

Sasha tells Jason the sun’s rays may affect his invulnerability and strength, while a mysterious new enemy is possessed with the belief that whoever absorbs the radiation will become immortal.

With no other options and their enemies drawing closer to their goal, Jason and his friends join forces with the “Collective,” a group that has guarded the origin of their power for a century. Its members think the storm will cause an explosion killing millions – a price none of them are willing to pay.

The second installment in a young adult fantasy series, the book combines equal parts sci-fi, fantasy, and action-adventure. Sophomore Freak is written from the perspective of Jason Champion, a 16-year old teenager with rage blackouts and a penchant for getting in trouble.