Sparkles and Blood and Other Stories – Alex McGilvery

This is a collection of four creepy tales. It is horror without the gore. From a vampire who shows up on a movie set filming sparkly vampires, to carnivorous frogs, from a post-apocalyptic Beowulf to a girl at a Christian Academy who discovers she’s a witch, these novellas will provide easy to read fun and a few chills.

Frost and Stone:  Siobhan accidentally releases evil into the world. Now she must find the strength in herself to defeat it before the moon is new.

The Thing in the Hall: Wolf arrives at Rolph’s Hall to test himself against the Thing that invades and kills Rolph’s men. Yet slaying the monstrous Thing may only be the beginning of his problem.

Strange Carnivores: Something was eating the gators in the swamp. Bubba was going to help her get pictures of whatever it was. She didn’t expect vampires or carnivorous frogs.

Sparkles and Blood: Martin is a special effects guy. He’s used to blood, but only when it’s fake. Now something is hunting on the set of the newest smash vampire movie. It doesn’t like the sun but it likes people just fine.