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The Successor – Carlos Rubio

The Successor and Other Odd Stories is a collection of ten short stories by award-winning author Carlos Rubio. All told in the first person, each one contains an unusual or unexplainable element which is certain to arouse the reader’s curiosity.


Offer Expires: 2023-09-30

The Friar’s Lantern – Greg Hickey

An eccentric scientist wagers he can predict your decision a week in advance. Will you win $1,000,000 or leave empty-handed? Buy The Friar’s Lantern and get lost in this maze of a book today. …


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The Silent Girls – Eric Rickstad

USA Today Bestseller – With the dead of a bitter Vermont winter closing in, evil is alive and well . . .


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A Foreboding Future: Kopp Chronicles – Gregory Kopp

The rise of authoritarian aggression abroad thrusts the dashing British Military Intelligence officer, Richard Cordwell, into mortal danger as he faces his most formidable foe to date, only to be saved by the beautiful French spy Madame Duvernay. Meanwhile, at home, mirroring today’s cultural wars and the controversy over book bans, passage of the anti-obscenity Comstock Law creates an uproar in New York City as it puts an innocent woman on trial. As these events unfold, an immigrant family’s hopes and dreams face a foreboding ...


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Three Wise Men – lou bavou

Prepare to be enthralled by this ground breaking novel; a compilation of thought provoking scientific facts that clearly explain the wonders of our universe


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The Self-Sufficient Princess – Sanguine Addams

Princess Nightengale may be the first princess in history to lock herself in a tower. Her life was wonderful, filled with life sustaining pizza rolls, video games and waking at the crack of noon. That was until a dragon arrives to break the news where she is intended to wed by her eighteenth birthday. Cue the moronic suitors, who represent every type of moronic male, that come to claim her hand (and maybe a few other body parts) in marriage. With the aid of Mittens, ...