Spring Break Iraq – Kurt Rusch

Spring Break Iraq details the journey of an activated Marine reservist as he is deployed for the first time for war. The story is set in Kuwait and Iraq in the spring of 2003 as US Marines and coalition forces prepare, and subsequently invade Iraq.

The story is told from the perspective of Marine Corporal John Klein, a full-time college student and a part-time Marine who finds himself at the precipice of war. Caught between two identities, he is forced to choose between them. A reluctant volunteer, Klein, along with the rest of a detached platoon, must overcome life turned upside down, fear of war, and the necessity to achieve.

Klein, a Bulk Fueler attached to the 1st Marine Division, is a member of a platoon tasked with keeping the Division moving. While relying on their hodge-podge skills and backgrounds, this group must work together to achieve their common goals: survival, growth, and making it back home alive.

Spring Break Iraq is a new generation’s view of war. It’s an introspective journey, one man’s account of the trials and tribulations of humanity. It is a book that gives voice to those that fought, and those who led.