Starburner – David Morgan

Recruited by the largest corporation in the solar system, Brian Hastings leaves his humdrum engineering job to command the Starburner. What he expects to be a laid back job full of comfortable routine turns out to be the ultimate adventure. With a crew of lovable oddballs and a doomsday weapon for a ship, Brian embarks on mankind’s first round-trip foray into interstellar space. There is a mystery to solve if the crew of the Starburner are going to be able to find God and save him from an ancient race of deicidal zealots.

Space exploration is hard and dangerous. Our first enterprise into the galaxy won’t be quite as noble or glorious as we’d hope. Space is full of amorous slime, shadow-dwelling mutants, and rats (of course). The first book in the Starburner series strips away the idealism of other Sci Fi adventures and revels in Homo Sapien’s inevitable destiny to fumble and stumble its way to greatness.

Starburner is a wry and satirical story of hope where nothing is as it seems. Is a species ruled by preconceived notions and wishful thinking ready to play in the big leagues?