Stone Angels (Primani Series Book 3) – Laurie Olerich

Mica’s journey ends…

Pulling back the sheer curtains, I gazed out at the city lights sparkling around us. The sun was nearly gone leaving the sky shifting like the color of Primani eyes; beautiful but restless. A hint of music drifted on the air, calling me to come out to play. A tease of warm air fluttered the curtain in my hand. It was summer…and it was Paris, the most romantic city in the world.

“Maybe we should go out. We could get dinner and maybe listen to some music.”

He stood behind me, his solid warmth pressing against my back. With calloused fingers stroking my aching forehead, he smiled and shook his head above me. He purred against my ear, “Let’s stay in.”

He lifted the heavy weight of my hair and kissed the back of my neck, lips lingering, tongue drifting over the sensitive skin. All thoughts of leaving evaporated. I reached around and hooked my fingers in the top of his jeans, letting them dip playfully low. He ran his lips across my neck again and murmured, “Slow down…I have plans for you.”