Sunshine in the Rain – Barbara Goss

Part I
Suffering from shock after Indians massacred her family before her eyes, Susannah is put into an insane asylum by a ruthless cousin. Susannah’s life just seems to spiral downhill, from one tragedy to another! When will her life finally turn around? She finds a glimmer of hope in her friendship with Ben. Will he be her saving grace? Or would it be the handsome Dr. Carter Harding? She discovers herself and love on a rugged trip back to the scene of the tragedy. During the trip, her life is spared yet again. She knows God has spared her for a reason, twice. Now she needs to do something with that spared life.

Part II
Cecilia, a woman jilted years earlier, threatens Susannah’s happy marriage. She vows to get revenge and discovers the best way to do that is to drive Susannah back to the mental hospital. Cecilia seeks to destroy Susannah and her husband. Can she destroy the couple who are within the shield and armor of God?