Surviving Anna – Hazel Buchanan

Surviving Anna tells the story of Laura Vine as she embarks on the most important journey of her life. Outwardly, Laura is devoted to her career and embraces her independent Sydney lifestyle. But a childhood tragedy has left its mark and Laura has a secret she has never dared to share. Her grief lies deeply buried, unexplored and unresolved.

Meeting businessman Adam Moretti shakes Laura’s composure and disrupts the status quo, triggering the return of her recurring childhood nightmare. Adam recognizes Laura’s vulnerability, without understanding its cause. Frustrated by her strange inhibitions and, at times, unfathomable behaviour, he persuades her to start facing up to her childhood trauma.

Laura’s quest is charged with anger, grief and confusion, but, having started, she becomes obsessed with unravelling the mysteries of the past. Shocked by the story she uncovers, Laura finds herself confronted with questions about her own capacity to love.

A thought-provoking, suspenseful and, at times, tragic story, Surviving Anna explores both the consequences of betrayal and the critical importance of parental love for a child’s sense of self-worth.