Taken By Time – David R. Ingham

How many chances do you get in your life? Was there a point when everything changed and you never recovered?
Jason Nolan lost everything. With love gone one dark, rainy night, he carried on without the woman of his dreams. But one day his life took an unexpected turn: he woke up and realized that the man he saw in the mirror was not him.

Even his name vanished.

And yet… It was the least of his worries…

With nothing to go on but faith Jason must set aside his past to forge a new future and repair past damage…

But what if all of this is just a dream?.. What if the changes he makes are not real?..

Find out the incredible story of mystery of time that brought to the surface the very question: can time become our ally?

This book will take you on a journey of loss, love, adventure, hope, time travel, mystery and shocking revelations that will keep you tied up to this book until you turn the last page.

This is the first in the Time Travel trilogy of Jason Nolan’s “Love in a world you never knew” a gripping tale of change and true love.