Term Life: A Novel of Love, Death, and Computer Security – William H. Boyd

Gus is a computer security professional who owns a condo in the center of Austin, Live Music Capital of the World. Yet his company has been hacked on his watch, and he lives a life on the social margins. His bucket list is pitifully short, and he cannot help wondering what is the point.

Then, after a Google Search, he meets an unusual salesman who offers him a product you cannot find on the web. For a weekly premium Gus can insure that he will never lead a life without value, but what happens when it is time for the company to pay the benefit?

Gus fights against a computer hacker, crawls through a cave, looks for love, and searches for meaning in life before he comes to terms with his life. Term Life: A Novel of Love, Death, and Computer Security examines what happens when Big Data meets modern anxiety and philosophical rootlessness.