The 1-Hour Goddess – Anne Clara Laugesen

What you know about workout and nutrition is wrong.

Most of us women believe that sweating on a treadmill and counting calories is the way to achieve happiness. But there is a better way.

In The 1-Hour Goddess, you will find how to:
• Stop wasting time on cardio
• Quit dieting and calorie counting
• Achieve amazing results with less than 1 hour a week
• Become a stronger, happier you
• Lose fat and stay lean for good

The science around building muscle today belongs to men – we need to own it as well.
The 1-Hour Goddess includes an actionable plan & checklist to get you on track. Based on research and personal experience, it offers you a realistic and efficient way to start your journey towards becoming a better you.

Say goodbye to endless hours in the gym. Join the revolution and find your inner Goddess!

Anne Clara Laugesen is an entrepreneur, productivity expert & author who broke up with eating disorders and self-confidence issues through clean eating and resistance training. Now she’s sharing her discoveries with the world.