The Adventure of Stan and the Emerald of Foundation – Ben Walsh

Stan Pike is the son of a fisherman, who lives with his father and elder brother in the remote fishing village of Oadford, set beneath the ominous looking Mount Smouldotion, home to the terrifying dragon, Gordon the Gruesome. Gordon created mayhem for the townsfolk for decades, but has not been seen for nearly a hundred years.

All this changes however, when Stan, his elder brother Edgar, and his best friend Marvin enter Gordon’s lair. An unfortunate blunder from the kind-hearted but dim-witted Marvin awakens the dragon, resulting in the devastating destruction of Oadford.

Stan and Marvin are banished, and while on the road discover that the only way to save their town, and to have their banishment rebuked, is to find the mystical Emerald of Foundation, a magical emerald with the ability to construct anything.

Stan embarks on a quest with a small group of brave volunteers in the hunt to find the Emerald, but they are not alone in seeking the prize. Gustavo, the evil wizard, leads a fierce goblin army to the Emerald’s resting place, as he seeks it to ensure world domination. The resulting race for the Emerald results in betrayal, sacrifice, heart break, booby traps, mass battles and heart pounding encounters, and is not to be missed!