The Ascension – Lauren Hudson

Teen Author’s ‘The Ascension’ is Suspenseful Tale of Dark Secrets and World Domination

On their 15th birthday, a brother and two sisters—Felix, Jinx and Desdemona—are having strange dreams. A nurse hands over a newborn baby to a mysterious woman, as the child’s frantic mother is injected with a sedative. A boy stumbles along a pathway, trapped beneath a giant dome, as ghostly relatives light candles on a floating birthday cake. A weird triangular object binds the triplets to each other in a thunderstorm.

“The Ascension,” Headline Books’ latest release, is an action-filled coming-of-age novel about gifted siblings, separated at birth, who discover higher purposes for their lives. But after learning the shocking truth about their hidden heritage, can they survive long enough to save the world from evil forces that plague them?