The Black Pathway – Mark C Sutton

In Howard Trenton’s case, he may well be the first truly ‘inhuman’ serial killer to have ever walked the Earth….

The Black Pathway Trail is a thirty mile walk that starts in the dying coastal town of Coldsleet, and which crosses moorland, cuts through forest, and scales two mountain peaks. A hike along the Black Pathway can be highly dangerous at the best of times, but when a young, sadistic serial killer begins to prowl the trail, then that walk becomes absolutely deadly….

The Black Pathway introduces Howard Trenton, a disturbed and unhinged serial killer, who believes himself to be an alien/human hybrid, born from a strange and mysterious attack on his mother that occurred almost twenty years earlier. When a bright and vibrant young woman called Mary comes to share Howard’s home, he is instantly attracted to her… but hell is unleashed when she spurns his advances, leading to a dramatic and terrifying hunt….