The Book of Jubilees – Eric M. Black

Amazon International Bestseller

“Rockin’!” –USA Today bestselling author Louise Caiola (@authorlouisec)

The Book of Jubilees is a historical fiction novel that follows the second life of Juan Ponce de Leon. Most people know that Juan discovered North America. But very few people know that in his search for the Fountain of Youth, Juan actually found a fountain: but it was a fountain that originally came from the Garden of Eden.

Once the discovery is made, Juan has to fight his nemesis, Diego Columbus, son of famed explorer Christopher Columbus. During the battle, however, Diego is mortally wounded and Juan is forced to save Diego’s life by taking him to the mythical Garden of Eden where he can be healed.

A transformation happens and Juan and Diego become leaders in an ancient fight against a band of fallen angels known as the Watchers.

The Watchers learn the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant and use the power within the Ark to take over creation. Juan and Diego lead a group of assembled warriors against the angels, their sons the Nephilim and a mysterious people known as the Elioud. Through the help of King Solomon, these warriors must seek the answers found in the Book of Jubilees to finally eliminate the threat that has faced mankind since the beginning.

“U R Awesome!” –author Carrie Filetti (@carriefiletti)

“Unbelievable.” –poet and author Tasha Cotter (@tashcotter)