The Burning Blacksmith – Beatriz Volk

Young Violet comes across an old ring while looking through her deceased father’s storage unit. She uncovers the heirloom’s secret and accidentally sends herself back to a dangerous time period filled with death and pain. The ring becomes stolen, and Violet is unable to bring herself back to the 21st century.

A blacksmith name Merek offers to help her track down the thief and retrieve her missing jewelry, all without knowing the truth behind the ring. Through Merek, Violet learns how amazing this scary world can be while having a special person to share it with, and their relationship grows despite being born centuries apart. Read to discover more about this medieval journey, and to see if Violet makes it back to her time.

“My nose and face both became buried into his neck, and I smelled his fragrance for the first time in so long. So much memories are held in scents. It is unbelievable actually. I could stay here forever, and be happy forever.”