The Case of the Headless Hotelier – Scarlett J Woods

Nineteen-year-old Ashley Rayne is not an ordinary girl. She can heal sick people and see ghosts, in particular the cheeky and mischievous Misty, who shares a flat with her in the small town of Eversham.

She finds herself in trouble when the unscrupulous and cruel Don of the local mafia learns of Ashley’s incredible talents. However, when all hope is lost she is rescued by the stylish, perhaps slightly vein, but kind and generous vampire Oscar Blake, who brings Ashley to his Manor in Transylvania Bay – the capital of all supernatural.

Ashley meets Oscar’s nephew Adam and his friends and has a great time exploring what the magical town has to offer. However, it’s not long before trouble strikes and an owner of a local hotel is brutally murdered.

Adam and Ashley work tirelessly to prove the innocence of the wrongly accused man, but the clock to the trial is ticking…