The Christmas Angels! – Lilian Nickson

The Christmas angels unwrap to an expectant world “the Christmas;” they reveal its glittering mystery and we, the children of God, stand around the manger, our eyes wide in awe and wonder as God our Father holds out to us the gift of life, the gift of love.

This book contains a fiction short story of the love of Christmas, the Christmas reflection and a few Christmas songs. The reflections are based on the angel’s message as written in The Holy Bible.

This Christmas, join The Christmas guardian Angel Gabrielle and other Christmas angels as they announce the salvation from afar or near and see how the humble recipients of the angels’ message served to accomplish God’s divine plan. See how The Word incarnate is surrounded by Angel’s adoration and their splendid service; bringing the spirit of God to those that God had assigned different purposes; in order that they may respond by carrying out their particular roles in helping to fulfill His plan of salvation: To Zachariah, to the Virgin Mary, to Joseph, to the shepherds and to the three wise magi.