The Devil Came Looking – Drew Scott

For David, what should have been a peaceful journey home on the Friday evening commuter train, rapidly descends into terror and madness. Who is the mysterious, pale lifeless-looking woman sitting opposite him on the train? Why does she haunt his mind and stalk his every movement?

Back home, his delusional behavior worsens until he cannot decipher what is reality or a figment of his imagination. Convincing himself he’s merely sick with a flu-like illness, he seeks the safety of a local bar, and eventually the arms of a former lover. Although Nina comforts and reassures him, David’s fevered mind is rapidly spiraling out of control.

The mysterious, pale lifeless-looking woman is uncannily always just a shadow away, tempting him with the words ‘KILL.’ Whom can he trust? Can he even trust himself?

A chilling psychological short story that will leave you on the edge of your seat and gasping for breath.