The End Begins – Leroy Nichols

What will happen when Destiny calls upon a villain to save the world?

Josanin has always been a villain—a calculating wizard who has made life miserable for countless heroes over the years. Dwarves, humans, halflings and elfin folk, he has tried to crush them all. Time and again they have thwarted his plans for conquest and power, and suffered for it. But an accidental discovery reveals that they are the least of his worries. A terrifying legend out of antiquity, the Hearteater, is real and about to unleash total annihilation on the world. For once, Josanin must play the hero.

Josanin may be the chosen one, but he can’t stop this evil alone. To succeed, he’ll need the help of those champions he has worked so hard to destroy all these years. Unfortunately for him, these heroes will never believe a word their old enemy Josanin says, much less volunteer to help.

Against impossible odds, only a heartless manipulator like Josanin has the evil cunning to bend the champions to his will and set up a final battle that gives the world a sliver of hope against a would-be god.