The End! What’s Next? – Nikki Jo Davis

It’s finished! The voices in your head have quieted down and you’ve typed “THE END!”

Are you ready to self-publish? Find an agent? Or are you asking yourself “What’s Next?”

How do you transform your words on the page into a product that sells?
The most effective way is to focus as much attention on the publishing process as you did in crafting your story. A well written novel is only part of the secret to a successful book.

Making and keeping promises to readers is the key to a successful writing career. This book will show you what those promises are. I’ll answer some of the basic questions new authors have when they decide to transform their creative energies into a financially rewarding product.

From the first impression your cover offers, to the last call to action in the back matter, its all important. I’ll share tips and give suggestions on how you can gain attention with details, organize your promotions, create a consistent brand presence online and more.

You’ve typed THE END, but the real challenge is just beginning. Own your self-publishing journey and educate yourself on what’s next, by reading this book.