The Falling Fire – Michael Tyne

When the world you know is falling into ruin around you, you have but three choices.
Lay down and die.

Stand and fight.

Or run for your life…
“The Shattered Land” vol II

England is on the brink. Thrown back in time and racked by civil war.

A tiny group of survivors are trying to make sense of what has gone before, and what may yet be their fate:

Alison McGuire, alone, fearful, and desperate for safety.

Judith Lal, her daughters and their friends, Albert and Ronnie Clamp, eking out life in a refugee camp.

Joe Ackerman and Olivie de Saint Vaulry, trying to find a maniac and stop him – before he kills them.

The quest for safety and freedom will carry them the length of the shattered land, through violence, fear and death, and change them in ways they never thought possible.

And in France, a teenaged girl plays on a computer, unaware that she is a part of it all – and that she may hold the key to an even greater cataclysm to come…