The Fixer – Jerry Bader

The Fixer is the true life story of a son of a concentration camp survivor left to fend for himself using his wit, charm, and guts to survive and prosper as a jockey, trainer, and fixer of horse races all while navigating through an environment populated by gamblers, gangsters, and billionaires.

The Fixer was created from real incidents as described in a series of interviews. This story is not fiction, but the names and places have been changed to protect the guilty. The Fixer is a story about the dark side of gambling and horse racing. Many of the people in the story are no longer with us, but we have access to many that are still alive and their stories.

The world of horse racing has the façade of wealthy owners; international high stakes sporting events; and the beauty, elegance, and speed of thoroughbred horse racing. In fact, horse racing is a seedy business, populated by degenerate gamblers, mobsters, and their pawns. The story of The Fixer is about a good guy in a bad situation; it’s a story of survival in a world both corrupt and dangerous.