The Forgotten Wizard – C.J. Thompson

Determined to save his dying father, Roland Roper only has one hope. Decades after the Greystone war, wizards are now presumed to be extinct. That is, until rumors fly that one has been sighted outside the village. Knowing it’s his father’s only hope, Roland sets out to find this forgotten wizard.

With the help of his friend Tristan, the two set out on an adventure into the unfamiliar world. Attacked by a magical creature in the dark woods, they learn he is connected to the forgotten wizard. Taking the creature hostage, the two decide to use him as leverage to attract the wizard.

Even with the help of this creature, convincing the wizard to heal his father turns out to be more of a challenge than once thought. In a struggle to save his father, Roland learns what it takes to be a man in this coming to age story.