The Gettysburg Cypher – K. R. Eckert

July 1863,

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:
As battle rages, a Rebel spy stumbles into the Union camp, only to be killed by his own army’s guns. As he lies dying, he hands a coded message to an unwitting accomplice.

Washington DC:
A dark figure stalks Abraham Lincoln, while an imprisoned rebel spy plots escape and assassination.

Present Day,

Washington DC:
A Smithsonian historian discovers a journal in the basement of the Supreme Court. What’s written inside could change history.

Boston, Massachusetts:
Relatives of a powerful Vatican Priest are kidnapped for a strange ransom: A Bible, lost for 150 years.

Ashville, North Carolina:
A long dormant group with ties to a Confederate era spy ring, comes alive to plot a new reign of terror

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:
During the yearly reenactments, historians Paul Davenport and Sara Walsh arrive on a hunt for history. But someone else is hunting them.