The Golden Desires – Ann M Pratley

Trent embarks on a journey to escape the world as we know it – he wants to be away from noise and people. As he begins to walk, he starts to dream of a woman, who in turn has started to dream of him. He sights a structure on top of a mountain and is determined to reach it to explore.

Once he arrives, he meets Isabella. He can see her but he cannot see people of her village. She can see him but no-one else can. Is one of them dead and the other a medium? Are they both ghosts? And how can it be that the village is perched high on top of a mountain, and yet is so warm?

This is a story of destiny over time and distance. It is also a story of finding peace of mind .. and a great love.

~~Reviewers say:
“The author paints such a vivid picture of life in this idyllic community that one begins to think it may actually exist somewhere. Its warmth and its lush surroundings combined with the purity of its inhabitants make it a place that many in today’s world would envy … This book is extremely well-written and the pace of the story-telling is excellent. It is perfect for anyone who is looking for a romance with a hint of paranormal mystery.”

“Even through the dreamy quality of the telling, I found myself drawn to keep reading, to finding out what would happen next, almost as if reading a compelling action/adventure because the pacing was so excellent.”

“The concept behind this story was intriguing and very sexy.”